Board Game Fight Club

My name is Jaime Barriga.

I am the creator of QuickFight: A Legacy Game, and the 100-Player Twitch Chat Party Pack, the only video game that lets 100 people compete or cooperate entirely through twitch chat. You may have also seen me as a playable character in Seafall: A Legacy Game, or the iPhone masterpiece, Spaceteam.

Allow me to welcome you to Board Game Fight Club, the internet home of all my game-design-related content.

Here are some articles I wrote about Legacy board game design:

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Here are some things related to my 100-player Twitch Chat video game adventures:

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Here are 2 articles I wrote about cool indie board games:

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And here are some guides and things for real actual board games

(PDF) Seafall 1-page Cheat Sheet: Base Game