A 1 vs. 100 Tank Free For All

Yes it's true: My name is Jaime Barriga and I have been building a little Twitch Chat Video Game that involves up to 100 people controlling tanks and killing each other. It's crazy fun, and here is a snippet of what it's like:

If you're a streamer, you can control your tank in real time, and up to 100 people in the chat can play, even with a video delay. Plus, if you need to take a bathroom break, you can leave the game running and your audience can stay engaged without people losing interest.

Right now, the game is in early alpha but it's actually really, really stable. It's alpha simply because it's missing a lot of key features. There's no sound. All the art is placeholder (minus the hats). We need exploding barrels. Etc...

If this game doesn't take off, and no one buys it, that's fine! I'll continue putting work into it until all the gameplay features are done and I'm happy with it.

But if it does take off, you will get access to a personalized copy of a super fun game for your Twitch channel. And you'll receive all future updates, forever. Pretty cool huh?

The game is $10 and I'm only going to increase the price as I make the game more complete. If you'd like to get in, email me at JB4GDI@gmail.com and tell me your Twitch Handle, what you want the title screen of the game to say (if you have a big picture, that's great too), and head to Paypal or just Venmo me (JB4GDI).


P.S. If you'd like a hat that will appear in all copies of the game moving forward, head here.