Board Game Fight Club

Welcome to Board Game Fight Club.

My name is Jaime Barriga, and here you'll find my collection of thoughts on games, game design, and all the cool things I've stumbled upon.

I am one of the few Legacy Game designers in world, currently working on QuickFight: A Legacy Game. I also love massively-couch-multiplayer games and Twitch chat games, and my 100-Player Twitch Chat Party Pack is the only video game that lets 100 people compete or cooperate entirely through twitch chat.

Here are some articles I wrote about Legacy board game design:

What is a Legacy Game?

Where Are All the Legacy Games?

So, You Want to Build a Legacy Game?

The Seafall Playtester Experience

Here are 2 articles I wrote about cool indie board games:

The Best Board Game At PAX Unplugged 2017 - Black Hole Council by Don Eskridge

The Best Board Games At BFIG 2017

Here are some guides and things for real actual board games:

(PDF) Seafall 1-page Cheat Sheet: Base Game


Here are some things related to the weird, overlapping space between board games and video game:

The 100-player Twitch Chat Party Pack

Every Twitch-Chat-Integrated Video Game

The Best Game at PAX Unplugged 2019 (Board Game PAX) was a video game

And here are some things you can find me in, or that I've helped with:

The Guardian - Quoted in 'SeaFall: is the legacy format heralding a new era of board games?'

Betrayal Legacy - Playtester / recommended setting up the board before everyone leaves for the haunt

Seafall - Playtester, and playable character

Spaceteam - Secret playable character

Nintendo - Cohosted one of 4 national Smash Bros. Brawl Pre-release tournaments