Video Games for You and 100 Viewers in your Twitch Chat

Jaime Barriga here, and yes, I've created a pack of Twitch-Chat-Integrated Video Games that let you play together with up to 100 people in your chat, all in real time. I loved Twitch Chat games like One Troll Army, Dead Cells, and Twitch Plays Pokemon, but I wanted more. I wanted games that put the viewers in control of their own destiny, where each person truly controls their own character. Each game is fast, easy to learn, and super fun. And as a streamer you can choose to play with the chat, or if you need to run and take a break, turn on AFK Mode so your audience can play and stay engaged.

These 4 games form the Twitch Chat Party Pack, and they are all available on Steam Early Access today!

Game 1: Splat Chat

Splat Chat is a game where anvils fall from the sky, and your goal is to be the last player standing. It's the easiest game in the pack to pick up and play, and it comes in two flavors: You can play with your viewers and run from the anvils with them. Or you can play against your viewers, and be the one controlling where the anvils fall. I've seen streamers regularly Splat Chat for over an hour at a time, and it's also great if you're looking for a fun way to do a giveaway.

Game 2: Minefield of Dreams (Traduction française!)

Why are we always minesweeping from the comfort of our computer? Why aren't we actually there on the minefield with 100 of our friends, living or dying together, as a team? With Minefield of Dreams, everyone is a minesweeper on a minefield, frantically trying to work together to clear it without tripping mines. But beware! A single mistake will cost you your life, and the lives of those next to you. Oh, and this area is really prone to earthquakes, so when one hits a random mine will explode. Get moving and clear that field fast!

Game 3: Happy Tanksgiving

In this free-for all game, everyone controls a tank on a battlefield and it's everyone versus 100. You'll be commanding a large tank with heavy armor that can be controlled in real-time. And each of your viewers can command their own hovertank by using tile-based controls. They can kill you, or kill each other, but either way that last tank standing is the victor. A quick demo of a streamer playing it can be found below!

Game 4: Bombertown

The ultimate in 100-Player bomb-planting action! Control your bomber and be the last one standing, all the while collecting powerups and tightening the noose (made of bombs) around your enemies.

Custom Edition

If you're a streamer with a decently-sized audience, I am happy to work with you to build a custom version for your channel. Some streamers want rule adjustments, some streamers want custom art, some want special awards to appear at the end of the game. And if you want something special for your audience, you can order a 1 hour consultation below. We'll spend the hour talking about what you're after, and figure out how we can get you what you need. Make sure to email me (details in the paypal link) with your information.

Custom Edition - 1 Hour Consultation


  • A one-hour talk about what you'd like to have in your custom version of the game.
  • $50 is refundable if you do not wish to proceed beyond the consultation.

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